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    Hello everyone! My name is Vita and I’m a holistic nutritionist. I’m gonna tell you my story in regards to curing my systemic candida because lord it was a journey and a half. Hopefully it will be of some use to you all.

    My medical background:
    -fibromyalgia as a kid
    -juvenile arthritis
    -forever underweight; it’s always been hard for me to gain weight
    *granted doctors thought I was making it up until someone finally believed me; I didn’t take any medication, instead my parents had be hop around from alternative practitioner to conventional ones with minimal improvement*

    Fibromyalgia went away by the time I was in grade 6 but my immunity has been shit ever since then. You only had to sneeze next to me and I kid you not I’d have a stuffed nose within minutes. I would always get sick with the flue, sometimes months at a time. Acne started up in grade 10 followed by increased sensitivities to smells, and chemicals. My joints would click very loudly as well, whether it’s when I’m rolling my shoulders or simply walking. I was also diagnosed with depression for the entire duration of highschool and well into university. Another interesting thing to note is that whenever I would eat too many sweets, I would get cold sores. I also got ridiculously stubborn plantar warts that even nitrogen blasting would not get rid so I just ignored them for years…

    University started and there wasn’t much of a difference except the stress levels hit my body hard. First year, near exam time, I got two tiny rashes. Didn’t hurt or itch and I found that they eventually went away on it’s own once I cut down the stress (dropped a course).

    I left university after my second year because I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere and was simply spiralling farther down into my depression. I decided to attend the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and it’s been the best decision in my life. Ironically my health was also at its worst then…
    My Systemic Candida Symptoms:

    I started to get the rashes once again but this time a lot larger and more spread out. They were just above my chest area. I visited a doctor only to have them tell me that it’s fungal, and that I should use their steroid cream to get rid of it. Like hell I was going to apply that to my chest area if the side effect is thinning of the skin.

    Fast forward two weeks and all hell broke loose.

    Overnight my digestion “shut down”
    -acid reflux
    -food intolerances and sensitivities I’ve never had
    -extreme foggy brain and overall depressive mood
    -bad breath
    -leaky gut

    Ironically the foods I couldn’t handle all lined up with stuff I couldn’t eat on the Candida diet. If I ate a nightshade my bottom lip would swell up and go numb with cold sores at an exponential rate. Thank god, I had some lysine lying around or it would have been an absolute disaster.

    **I clearly remember tearing up for a moment because it seemed like food itself was against me…and I LOVE FOOD. It felt like the ultimate betrayal. At that moment I gathered every ounce of my determination and swore to myself that I would get rid of this regardless of how long it takes or how much money because I cannot be a practitioner if I can’t even HEAL MYSELF.**

    My diet became even more restrictive. All I ate was steam veggies (no nightshades) with a little bit of olive oil, steamed chicken or fish and smoothies with hemp protein powder. It was not easy sticking to such a restrictive diet for months. However I had to eat, I was already underweight and could not afford to lose more.

    I realized I had an huge overgrowth of yeast because simply changing the diet created a huge positive effect on me. I didn’t take any test. I just knew I had fungal rashes, the diet worked on me, and all of my other symptoms lined up with the typical Candida ones.

    As the days went by my nails began more and more brittle. I could split them into three pieces. I was losing hair and my acne got worse.

    ***please keep in mind I AM NOT A DOCTOR, use this information at your own risk, I am not responsible for any side effects that may occur. I simple want to share my knowledge of what worked for me***

    After two weeks on the diet I foolishly decided I was ready to start killing the fungus off. I wanted to start off gentle; therefor, I simply used a small amount of pau d’arco tea. Stupid me, because that was enough to knock me out. I couldn’t get out of the car because I was so weakened. When I finally dragged myself to class I was feverish the entire time with my head on the table sleeping.

    I went to my professors for advice and they called me an idiot hahaha. Well can you really blame me? They never really taught us how to prep for the killing.

    Essentially here’s what I’ve learned you have to do BEFORE you even consider thinking of killing your candida.
    1)BOWEL MOVEMENTS must be good. At least once a day and ideally three times a day.
    2)IMMUNE support or overall DETOXIFICATION support
    – this period will last from as along as 1 month to maybe even 4 months. It all depends on how severely weakened you are and how much shit you have backed up in your system. I decided a month was good enough for me haha.

    Supplement that I used for 2) is called: FLOR*ESSENCE. It’s an herbal blend that is an extremely gentle and supports the various organs that are in charge of the major detoxification pathways. Has been used in the past as a natural alternative to help alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy.

    I got a job at the health food store around this time and figured out that the better deal is actually the DRIED tea. You get far more bang for your buck, you just need to make it yourself instead of buying an already premade one for you.
    Link>> (how it looks like)

    I went through 2 L of the tea. Which took me about 4 weeks to go through.

    After that my professors recommended that I use a candida kit on the market and get rid of it. Unfortunately after trying this out for 2 months I saw minimal difference. The kit I used is called CANDIGONE by renew life. I decided to scrap the kit and find something else.

    Luckily around this time my professor told me that apparently Olive Leaf is the only antifungal that has the ability to kill every strain of candida. Considering mine was too stubborn to react to a composition of antifungal herbs I decided to give this a try.

    Around this time I had a life changing experience and a naturopath passed down a technique to me that allows me to read people’s pulses. It’s based off of Ancient Chinese medicine and you’ll find a lot of acupuncturist use something similar. Essentially I am able to tell the compatibility of various supplements towards myself and others, dosages, and what imbalances are occurring in the body. This completely changed the healing game for me. I was like a medical intuitive except I had to hold your wrist. **whether or not you believe me is up to you, but almost all alternative practitioners have something similar to this, whether they use a machine, muscle testing etc but it all based off of frequencies**

    Right so back to my story…

    I used:
    -Olive leaf by Nature’s Way >>
    -Vit C 1000mg by SISU or NOW. I’d alternate really. >>

    My protocol was something like this:
    Olive leaf: 6 a day with a meal
    Vit C: 30 a day; split into three dosages of 10, with a meal

    The reason for the high dosages of vit c is because I did a vitamin C flush to determine how much antioxidant my body needs. It’s quite the experience if you have gut problems because you will bloat like no tomorrow, feel very weakened and then have intense diiarhea once your body hits the max amount of vit c you can handle. However based on your max you can calculate your ideal day to day dose. You can google how to do this but it really helps to neutralize all the free radicals in your system. I had to take a ridiculous amount of it; however, felt absolutely incredible the next day. I don’t recommend doing this without someone sort of supervision because it can get rather difficult depending on how bad your gut is.

    The KEY to keeping the die off symptoms at bay is precisely this vit C. As the olive leaf is killing off the candida, it is releasing various toxins into your system. However it’s already a given that you don’t have enough antioxidants in your system to neutralize because the fungus is systemic; therefor, you will need to take a lot more.

    Interestingly enough, I never once experience any diiarhea throughout this month even though I was taking such a high dose of vit c. At the end of the month I had several bouts of it and my body told me it was time to completely drop the vit c. Now I don’t take even 1 tablet of it because I just don’t need it.

    Two weeks into the killing I added blackwalnut into the mix.
    Every other day I would take about 6 capsules of blackwalnut on top of the olive leaf but during different meals. This prevented the candida from adapting to the olive leaf and continued the smooth killing.
    >> ; same company as the olive leaf

    Sadly because I was still inexperienced I didn’t realize that by killing it so quickly I was creating a burden on my body, in particularly the liver.

    YOU ALL MUST HAVE GOOD LIVER SUPPORT WHEN DOING THIS or you’ll have another headache soon after getting rid of the candida..but this time to heal your liver. All the toxins go through the liver first, therefore be sure to find adequate support for it.

    I hopped around from various supplements but they all worked on me like a charm. I started with something that would for sure provide me with the benefits I needed and that was a liver glandular. I gave it a substantial boost in the first two days, took about 6 caps each day and then dropped down to the following dosages:

    Liver Glandular- by Genestra: 2 cap with a meal, twice a day. >>

    Once that was finished I moved onto Livercare-by Himalaya: 2 caps with each meal (so three times a day >>>

    The reason I didn’t just do a liver glandular is because your body gets used to supplements. It’s always recommended to change things. I chose the supplements based on the reviews I get from customers in the store, extra research, and whether or not it’s compatible with me.
    THE END:
    By the end of the month the rashes began to disappear on their own and went away within a week or two after. I still had some digestion problems but that’s because the damage has been done. It’s been about a year since I’ve had something this bad and lord do I have more stories to tell in regards to my healing journey. From getting my memory back to hunting for parasites it’s been quite the eventful couple of months.

    Regardless, even if you kill it all off you still have a lot of work to do. An overgrowth of yeast, depending on how long it’s been sitting there really takes its toll on the body. In the end I simply took one layer of dirt off my body. For the next couple of months I followed through with various protocols, liver flushes, parasite cleanse, and now I am in my final phases of healing and stronger than I have ever been before. People come by to tell me that I have a glow about me now, even though I still haven’t cleared up the acne, the difference is monumental both physically and mentally.

    Funnily enough my systemic candida was easier to get rid of than my acne haha. If you have any questions please comment away. I didn’t mention absolutely every experiment that I did because my story is long enough as it is. If I had to go back I would most definitely go about things differently because I have the knowledge on how to support the body a lot better based on personal experience and research. The olive leaf and vit c I wouldn’t change. I would have been able to shorten the healing and minimize the damage the candida did; however, I don’t regret the mistakes I did.

    I wish you all goodluck and hope that what I’ve shared with you will be of some use to you. If you’re at your wits end and live in Ontario, GTA area, then hit me up and we can work together. I’ll do my best to get you through it because I know first hand what a monster this can be.


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    Hi Vita, I’ve been lurking on the forum for a month now and just came across your post. I live in the GTA as well and I am struggling with what I think is a candida issue. How can I get in touch with you? (Sorry, I’m new to the forum – just created an account to message you!)


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    Were you able to get a hold of vita? I too would like to get in touch with her. Please let me know. Thanks


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    Hi mavsfan, I haven’t yet. I will keep you posted if/when I do.


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    [email protected]. Hit me up 🌸

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