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    After some cheating in the past recent months, I recently doubled up on fluconazole to 200mg a day plus I started taking 50 billion Megaflora probiotic with DDS-1. I eat raw garlic everyday, coconut oil in my cooking (or a spoonful on my oatbran)etc. I have been staying pretty strict on the diet and drink lemon water with sweetleaf stevia and in morning drink tea (mixture of chamomile, guardian spirit). I started getting a hot feeling (mostly at night because I take the antifungals after dinner). Is this die-off I wonder? Maybe I should back off and alternate doses of fluconazole with 100mg one day and 200mg the next. No, I don’t have any molybdenum. Stores around me don’t carry it and I did not order any. Doctor has been checking my liver since last year and its been fine. Just wondering if this burning feeling off and on (like hot flashes) is die-off. I am not in menopause. Also have aching joints and neck feels stiff some of the time.

    This may sound crazy but this morning when I woke up I could see (with my eyes still shut) like purple strains, looked like little bacteria or something. I wasn’t going to write this but taking my chances. I am not crazy. Hallucinating, maybe..

    I am leaving today on a trip down south for 10 days and have all my veggies and yeast fighting paraphenelia packed. Will also be taking lap-top of course. Maybe I can find some molybdenum there (if thats the case).


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    Why not order it offline? It cost around $8 bucks with shipping, and saves you the hassle (and gas) of having to drive to the store.


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    The hot symptom isn’t really die-off but just the antifungals working their magic. I still get it and I don’t have any die-off.

    The purple light symptom is not related to candida. I get it too and its more related to your eyes. I’ve always had it my whole life.



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    should I split the doses-one in morning and one in pm or does it not make a difference?
    Thanks for not thinking i’m crazy about the purple “strains”, I actually think it was the diflucan

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