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    I have read that have a copper deficiency can cause problems. I’ve taken a blurp from Dr. Lawrence Wilson on Chronic Yeast Infection:
    “Copper is used in the human body as a natural anti-mold and anti-yeast agent, in part because copper favors aerobic metabolism, which tends to retard yeast growth. In fact, copper is also used in many industries to retard yeast growth. For example, farmers often spray copper sulfate on fruits and vegetables to kill yeast and molds. Water departments may add copper compounds to drinking water for the same reason. Copper may be added to swimming pools and hot tubs to control yeast”.
    Is this so and would drinking from copper or getting other sources of copper internally help?
    Thank you!


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    There is such a thing as copper toxicity, so I’d be careful about your dosing. Lots of multi vitamins will contain it, and you should probably aim to stay at or below the RDA.

    If you have a deficiency, it will often manifest as arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain etc.

    One thing to remember is that nutrient deficiencies can be caused by Candida or other gut issues. If an imbalanced gut flora reduces your nutrient absorption, that’s a possibility. So you might need a little copper (and other nutrients) to correct for that.

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