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    I am having digestive and skin reactions to cooked rutabaga, and I’m not sure if it’s related to die-off or if it is somehow feeding the candida, since it is higher in carbs and sugar than other allowed vegetables.

    I also seem to crave more once I’ve eaten it. I’m wondering if this is a sign that it is feeding the candida versus killing them. My normal die off is nausea–and I have not experienced this when eating rutabaga.

    Thanks so much!


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    The yeast will live on all the food you eat, strict diet or not strict diet. Its just about feeding it less than other items. Does rutabega feed the yeast less than potatoes? Yes it does in my opinion.

    It sounds like you are experiencing die-off from it because of your skin conditions.

    When I eat it, I don’t get any symptoms other than it improves my digestion due to the fiber content. Keep in mind I am 2 years into my treatment though…

    Are you eating raw rutabega?



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    Rutabega is one of the two foods (three, if you include coconut oil) that are listed as strongly anti-fungal.

    It can cause severe die off in some people, as reported on this forum. I cannot imagine it is feeding the candida without killing them.

    You might need to start with smaller portions of it. I’d halve your portion size and see how you do. I wouldn’t eat it raw, personally.

    Skin issues are part of candida. When candida thrive and overgrow, they produce greater amounts of toxins that overwhelm the body’s eliminatory mechanisms, the largest of which is the skin. When candida get killed off in large numbers, the body can react in a similar way to an uncontrolled overgrowth.

    I think it’s great that you crave them, I did too for some weeks. I’m kind of over it now, though I still eat them once a week or so.


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