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    nz4ever wrote: what do you mean for other health reasons? so frying is still unhealthy even without using oil or butter or anything? What about sauting?

    I’m sorry, when you say frying I assumed it is in some kind of oil so this was the reason I mentioned health issues. If you are doing it without the oil then no health issues there. Sauteing should not be a problem at all. I don’t think it matters much how you prepare your food. Some ways of preparing food just maintain more nutrients than others. It’s been said that steaming is better than cooking in a lot of water, but I save that water and make a soup out of it or just drink it up so for me it doesn’t matter. Higher heat destroys more nutrients so sauteing could be better than frying.

    Honestly I don’t think it matters that much. This diet is heard as it is so just do what you can to still enjoy your meals 🙂



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    I guess we both have different ideas what we are talking about; I am talking about cooking chicken or sausage in a pan with oil on low-med/low heat. I don’t fry stuff (like deep frying) on high heat because that makes a big mess!

    I ate some fried food on the diet when I cheated and it made me feel awful. I am realizing that the foods you eat on this diet make you feel good and give you a lot of energy compared to most american food, lol.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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