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    Hi All,
    I have many Candida/SIBO symptoms, but not yet diagnosed(awaiting my GI appointment). I’ve had issues with recurring constipation for years, which got far, far worse once I began the anti-candida diet.(I am about 1 month into it)

    It used to be that 2 tbsp. of flax meal a day would keep me regular. Now, it seems it barely makes a dent. 2-5 days can go by with very slight movement.
    I began taking Natural Balance Brand’Colon Clenz'(could not find the other brand mentioned on this site at my local store), and I have to take 3 a day to get greater movement. However, this also seems to create A LOT of foul-smelling excess gas throughout the day/evening, and bloating which can be painful. But, if I don’t take it, it appears I won’t go more regularly.(psyllium barely does a thing)
    If I eat yogurt or too much protein(even 3 oz.), or a few servings of cruciferous veggies, I get bad gas as well(even with enzymes and HCL). I take generous amounts of Betaine-HCL, which if I didn’t take, I couldn’t eat my meals at all without extreme bloating, reflux and asthma symptoms. I am also concerned if I cut back my protein, that I won’t be eating enough in a day. (And, two hours after eating just about anything(except my avocado/spinach/lemon smoothies), I get heartburn symptoms-though they have gotten a little better)
    I am attempting to create some sort of balance here, and could use some advice on how to get regular without the bad gas/pain/bloating.(Below is what I am currently taking:
    -Betaine HCL(4-8 with meals)
    -Enzymes(2 with each meal)
    -Milk Thistle
    -Dandelion Tea
    -1 tsp of Diatomaceous Earth in 12 oz of water a day(just started)
    -Natural Balance Colon Clenz(1-3 a day)
    -1 glass warm ACV in the morning
    -10-20 drops GSE during the day
    -2-3 tablespoons flax meal with meals, 2 weeks out of the month(due to the estrogenic properties, I time it this way for hormone therapy)
    -4, 30 billion probiotics a day
    -Ginger or ACV in water for heartburn
    -1-3 cloves of garlic per day
    -1-3 tbsp. coconut oil with food a day
    -Vitamins like, D3, C, B complex, Omegas, kelp, magnesium
    -Sticking to anti-candida diet, but have yet to reintroduce quinoa or buckwheat-but I sure want to)

    Thanks for the help-I could sure use it.


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    I think you’re doing great in terms of the diet and supplements. A couple of other things to think about – are you getting enough exercise? Are you too stressed? Both of those things can cause constipation.

    You might also try some probiotic foods. They’re easier to digest and they might help to rebalance your gut.

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    Thanks Wiley200,
    About 2 months ago, when my symptoms were at their worst, I had to stop my daily exercise routine. I am just about ready and think I have enough energy to start it up again(I’ve been rather weak)
    No stress at present-in fact, I have had to take a lot of time off, which decreased any stress I might have even previously had, which was minimal.
    As for probiotics/foods, I take 4 probiotics a day, tried yogurt, but I think it may be too early to enjoy it, as it seems to give me some issues sometimes(I am open to trying keifer). I do take at least 1 tbsp of AVC a day, and now that I know miso is alright, I will add that.
    I am also doing daily abdominal massage.

    Thanks for the suggestions, and if anyone else has any other ideas, feel free to let me know!

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