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    Things are not moving: I am eating veggies, green slime drink, salads raw veggies, meats and it was fine and now suddenly day 14 of my new life anti-candida diet nothing is moving.

    I have the NOW fiber stuff it is supposed to be refrigerated oops. Read the psyllum husk stuff. Saw bad review of the psyllum on amazon people said it was crappy sludge stuck to teeth etc

    Can anyone send me a link for what they use to get things moving…

    I know we need things to move or we suffer with the die-off detox symptoms from hell so want the stuff to move on out and down the road away from my body.

    Thank you!



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    I had some of the same problems when I started the diet. I think my body eventually got used to the new diet and the problem resolved itself. The only thing I may have changed was my water intake. Water is SUPER important when it comes to avoiding constipation. It also helps tremendously with detox. I aim to drink 4-22oz bottles on normal days. I drink well over a gallon on sauna days.


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    Thank you! I am on stage 1 day 18 of starting the new future way of eating anti-candida etc. I am drinking tons of water in fact may be too much because I know that is also not good, so I have to be careful of that too.

    I am using the NOW brand fiber that is recommended on the site and did a few rounds of the senna tea for 3 days but don’t want to rely on that unless I absolutely have too.


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    Herbal laxative at health food stores are gentle and normal . The best for me is milk every day most normal and natural of anything I have tried. I believe dairy is not recommended but it works for me. Keeps me balanced and healthy. A man on internet said I started drinking milk when I was 4 am now 84 and never been sick a day in my life


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    You could also try exercise, chia seeds, probiotics, castor oil,…

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