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    I’ve been on the strict Candida diet for years, and need to add a few foods. I have been trying to make my own hard cheese from kefir with minimal success (I’ve seen all the web sites). I noticed that cheddar cheese is very low in lactose, and was thinking that even yogurt and homemade kefir must contain around the same amount. Is this true?

    Has anyone been successful adding a highly aged cheese like cheddar or Parmesan to the diet? Any brand recommendations to ensure low lactose and no, or at least non-GMO/somewhat healthy, rennet?


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    I never had much luck with the hard kefir cheeses as well, it does make a decent cream cheese which is a hop skip and jump away from cheese cakes, which I like and is easy enough to make ice cream so it wasn’t a huge loss for me.

    I have a slice of jack cheese regularly with my omelets and consider it food for the kefir in my gut, they need to eat as well. I recommend sticking with the less processed cheeses. And don’t over do it, it’s one of the main things I’ve noticed is not to over eat any food and chew your food as it releases enzymes that help aid with digestion. But if you do over eat it’s a good time to load up on the probiotics like kefir, as your stomach acid content will be diminished. I tend to do it every so often with water, both kefir’s and vegetable ferments. As for brands I say pick one you trust and can afford, I normally just go with the store brand.


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    I recommend goat’s cheese, they do make raw goats cheddar cheese…goats is better than cows milk for everything…

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