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    I’ve had dyshidrotic eczema (small blisters that pop and crack, making your hands peel, hurt, etc) on my hands and now on my feet for the better part of two other candida symptoms. Going to derm after derm, they gave me ointments, steroids, etc.. It never helped.. Last September I began getting eczema on my body (first time in my life), I lived with it awhile, but then it got worse.. Since the derm told me we couldn’t cure it, we can only treat it, I found a wellness clinic to help me get to the root of it.. After a blood test back in February, I was positive for Candida Albicans in my blood, she gave me fluconazole to get rid of it, and my skin cleared up within a week. She suggested I look into the candida diet as well and encouraged probiotics. I went back to my normal eating/drinking habits shortly thereafter and my skin issues returned. I then looked into the diet and began. I half assed it honestly, just did a weekend cleanse and then followed the diet pretty well for about a month. Well then a milestone birthday happened and I pretty much celebrated the entire month of April (self sabotage I know). Sure enough, my hands got really bad and my skin started getting lots of itchy bumps.. another blood test showed my levels are higher than the first time..
    That leads me to the now.. I started another round of fluconazole a few days ago and am on day 4 of the cleanse (for real this time). Only listed veggies thus far and some egg whites for bfast. Not sure what I’m asking on this forum, guess I’m wondering if I’m on the right track to get rid of this awful stuff! I am taking probiotics during my cleanse (per my wellness dr) and candida support. I will be diligent on the diet once phase 2 begins because I’m so tired of it, but wonder if I will ever live a normal life again! Glad I can vent! Thanks for listening!! 🙂


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    Interesting story. Keep us updated.


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    Most people have maybe 50% success rate with prescription antifungals, so it may or may not work. Be sure to monitor your liver enzymes. If you don’t have a detox plan, you likely will feel bad.


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