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    So since the Candida/Gut diet removes sugars and carbs, that would mean the body would have to get it’s fuel from fat, right? So we would need to consume a lot of fat.

    What confuses me is that back in February I was eating a lot of Avocados, and they made me feel absolutely horrible, for some reason they gave me die-off symptoms even though they aren’t listed as an antifungal. It got so bad that I actually felt sick just from smelling one.

    I’m not sure why I reacted that way to them. When I first attempted this diet a few months ago, I wasn’t making a point of eating fat, and I felt incredible. I was probably still getting a good amount of fat from the meats and bone broth I was having though.

    I’ve read that eating a lot of Coconut Oil is the best thing to do, but I can’t have too much of it cause it’s an antifungal so it’ll just give me too much die-off. Not really sure what to make of this, do you think the fats from meat and bone broth is enough?


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    The Candida Diet offered on the Candida Diet website does not remove carbs.
    It just removes the starchy ones until you are able to move to a stage where they can be re-introduced.

    Consuming alot of fat can make one perpetually nauseous,I began losing my appetite when I included some fat.

    Are you referring to a diet that is different than The Candida Diet?


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    You have the wrong mindset about carbs…we need them to be healthy and function normally.

    The avocado could be problematic if you are allergic to it…

    There are other sources of fat than avocado and coconut oil…

    Sugar is found in nearly all food items so there is no way to avoid it. This is a low sugar diet but not a no sugar diet.



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    It’s really all about balance. You don’t want to cut out anything completely, but you also don’t want to overdo it. If you eat too much fat it puts a large strain on your liver. A normal person’s liver takes up 27% of their energy, this is 2x as much as any other organ in the body. Coconut oil is the easiest oil to digest and easier on your liver. I’d work up if I were you, start low and go slow.

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