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    I will occasionally experience itching in the places where I used to get the candida rash and open sores. I was wondering if when this itching happens it would be called a die-off reation or candida reaction?
    I don’t think it’s ever related to just one thing I eat, it usually happens after my period (which is when I used to get my bad rash and sores), but occasionally through out the month as well. Let me know what to think of these symptoms, sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes days. I just don’t know how to read this as a good (die off) sypmtoms or bad (candida)symptom.


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    This isn’t going to help much, Mstewart, but no one on the forum can tell you the source of the itching for absolute certain. If I had to guess, it would be die-off, but as I said, that’s only a guess. If you had the product Candida made by Native Remedies, you could test it since Candidate is able to stop die-off symptoms right after taking it. If it caused the itching to go away, then there’s a better chance that’s coming from die-off as opposed to Candida. By the way, Molybdenum doesn’t normally work this quickly, but on the other hand, Molybdenum will build up more and therefore offer a steady protection for the liver and kidneys.



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    I personally was very itchy during the die-off period and it improved rather quickly for me. I noticed that whenever I would cheat badly (like my honeymoon) the itching would return.


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