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    I’ve been reading alot on this site plus other info in books etc on candida cleansing and would like to try it to see if it helps my psoriasis (amongst other symptoms).

    I am confused about the detox part. I’m sorry this has probably been asked a million times already.. but I want to check if I am getting this right!!

    I plan to eat the vegetables/herbs and spices on the list specified. I will make juices from the allowed vegetables too.

    I was also planning to take a milk thistle/dandelion/taurine combo which states its for use during a detox.

    I don’t want to try the benonite clay as I have read many links on psoriasis being linked to leaky gut syndrome (which of course is linked to candida) and from what I have read on here it is not a good idea for leaky gut? I did plan to take psyliium husks in water once a day at night as per instructions in a natural medicine encyclopedia I have on when dealing with psoriasis. The rest of the time (including 15mins before eating in the morning and before lunch) I was going to have a juice from one whole lemon in warm water. Should I bother with the liver flush recipe (the garlic, ginger, olive oil water combo)?

    Can i drink the herbal teas mentioned in the detox phase? I was thinking peppermint, and green tea?

    I am sorted with the strict diet phase and have herbal antifungals and probiotics ready. I’m just confused with which regimen to go with for the detox phase so wanted to check my plan out with someone before I start!!



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    Hello, Chilli.

    Most of the members follow the detox and protocol on the forum. Read the two posts located on the links below, they should answer your questions. If not, come back with your additional questions.

    The detox protocol:

    Protocol following the detox period:

    Good luck, Able


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    I would not do the clay/psyllium husk cleanse as it can lead to internal bleeding. Check out the cleanse mentioned in the protocol!



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    Ok thanks. I will just do lemon juice/water then. What about the liver flush drink?

    Also are herbal teas ok to drink during the detox? I’m assuming so?

    And what about green tea? It is high in antioxidants but I do realise it contains some caffiene.. should avoid this altogether?

    Thank you so much for your time!


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    Ahh I just re read the thread you directed me to… so I doan’t need to do the liver flush if I’m taking milk thistle/dandelion root/taurine combo 🙂


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    Chilli wrote: And what about green tea? It is high in antioxidants but I do realise it contains some caffiene.. should avoid this altogether?

    White tea has the lowest caffeine content, but since caffeine can aggravate your intestines and cause adrenal issues, it’s probably best avoided until later on.

    I’ve been making tea with fresh ginger and lemon juice and another with spices like fennel, cinnamon and cloves. I wanna try some buckwheat tea when I introduce buckwheat, as well.

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