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    I started the Candida Diet already- tomorrow I will be in week 3; but I just read about the colon clense so does anyone know if I can still do the colon clense while on the candida diet. I was thinking I could stay in week 3 and just use the week for the clense?



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    You don’t have to do the colon cleanse, it’s optional. But I guess if you wanted to do it you could start now and then start the diet over afterwards.

    I skipped the cleanse but I am taking the detox drink. I don’t think the full cleanse is absolutely necessary – it’s just supposed to kill the bacteria faster and get your body ready to fight the Candida but since you’ve already started I don’t think doing the cleanse is really necessary.

    That’s just my opinion though.


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    It’s always good at cleaning out your colon. In fact it might be easier for you to do it since you already have “prepared” your body for it in a way, giving up sugar, coffee etc. Your body will not get completely shocked. In our colons we store all kinds of clutter it will give a new look at life and also rid yourself off old fecal matter and whatnot hiding in there. The detox drink works very well at drawing stuff out, I’ve noticed. I did 5 days of the fast and then changed to alternative 3 meaning I can have vegetables. I did this because I did not eliminate for 4 days. Thinking I did not drink enough water. If it wasn’t for that I would have not switched, cause I had a lot of energy and I still do! I’m on day 8 now. But, still go with your own gut feeling and be kind to yourself. Take care.

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