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    Is this an important part of getting rid of candida? I finally found a local holistic dr that even has a clue about candida or what it is. Talked with him for a good 15 minutes on the phone and he recommended 3 colon cleanses over a period of a few days. Also it will be $300 for 3, is that the going rate lol?

    Like I have said before, I am in between jobs and working for myself at the mometn and don’t have any money to waste. If this will really help I can swing it, if its no better than taking an enema at home I can put the $300 to better use.


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    I think it’d be best to use this money on supplements such as a good probiotic and SF722 undecenoic acid; or even organic chicken for 3 months. You can take herbs or eat specific foods to help clean the colon.

    Hope this helps! I don’t think a colon cleanse will cure yourself from candida completely or even close also.


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