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    Has anyone ever tried the diet with the diet only colon cleanse using the psyllium husk and bentonite clay? How safe is this and am I going to die of starvation in 7 day without solid food?

    I’m already only 56kg, so I might start looking a bit bony if I don’t eat for a week. My candida is getting out of control though and I need to kick it hard in it’s yeasty face before it tries to take over my life so I’m considering this before I start the candida diet.

    What can I expect? Is this a good idea?



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    I actually just did it that way and I was fine although I am 23 🙂 I used multivitamins to replenish my minerals instead of the broth.


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    Have you considered colonic irrigation?


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    Yes, colon cleanse is safe and effective method to get rid of harmful toxins. It removes plaques, improves digestive health and also aids in weight loss. By colon cleansing you will feel more energetic and light headed. Colon cleansing is 100% safe and can be done by any one. One most effective and safe way to cleanse colon by using Bowtrol colon cleanser.


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    I HIGHLY recommend a Hydro-Colonic Therapy, maybe even a few if you havent ever had them. They are extremely hydrating for your intestines and colon and flush so much toxins and waste from you body. Its a great way to start the detox!

    I thought it was going to be very awkward and uncomfortable but I went to a great woman to do it, she was very therapeutic about it, relaxing, had a warm cloth on my stomach, I laid on my back, she massaged mid section to get the intestines moving the waste out. It was such a relief and I felt so incredible after. You should take a probiotic after and lots of water, I was just a little weak after.

    Also that “Cleanse” portion of the detox with fluids only seems very extreme and unnecessary, maybe doing it for a few days. I tried it and felt incredible weak, nauseousness, I threw up, couldn’t sleep and had bad headaches. Able recommended to take the psyllium husk out since it is harmful and just do warm H2O with a whole lemon 3x per day. Also take the Milk Thistle & Melabdenum to help with the die-off symptoms I felt extremely better from doing those things and just eating raw organic veges, organic eggs for protein and the coconut bread with a little organic coconut oil and cinnamon on top for some substance. I feel energized and satisfied 🙂

    Hope the best for you!

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