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    I have been reading over internet that colloidal silver can be very efficient against candida..if taken in small doses… and for short periods of time… it much more efficient than caprylic acid and oregano oil… any comment? Any recommendation?


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    Colloidial silver is anti-bacterial possibly affecting your good bacteria making it counter productive. Its your good bacteria that keep candida from going into its pathogenic fungal form. Any antibiotic taken for a long time can set the stage for more fungal candida.


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    When i first took colloidal silver when having candida, i had hardcore heart pain, i guess that was candida being killed and releasing lots of gas. Its not like antibiotic because antibiotics are actually fungus so they are creating good environment for candida, colloidal silver wont work like this. I would recommend doing a week of colloidal silver and then probiotics for next week, because it can certainly kill of good bacteria too.

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