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    Hello all,

    I was put on the candida diet by my practitioner due to some severe constipation and test results that revealed yeast overgrowth. She gave me a list of foods to eat: nuts/seeds, veggies, meats, and a handful of strawberries for my protein shake. I am taking probiotics and nutrient supplements. However, as a college student with a MASSIVE sweet tooth, I have failed to actually stick to my diet. Almost everyday I have cheated, sometimes in small ways by having a handful of nuts and chocolate, sometimes in bigger ways by having a pint of ice cream. I work out consistently, eat only veggies, meats, and nuts for my meals (minus my protein shake), and I take my pills every day. My cheats are straight up candy or dessert but usually small. I eat only the foods she told me to otherwise, but I am so upset with myself for not beating the cravings.I don’t know how to win this battle.

    THE QUESTION IS: Have I wasted my medicine/money and time by having such a severe lack of self-control? How far behind have I set myself in starving the Candida and achieving improved gut health?



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    Sounds like you haven’t been on the diet at all really..

    Try some other sweeteners – it will help you to scale down your sugar cravings. You can bake with xylitol or stevia. Gymnema Sylvestre can also help with sugar cravings.

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