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    Hi everyone,
    I wonder if anyone could suggest me what to do.

    It’s my second week on candida diet (still more of the cleanse phase) and I’ve got a very bad fever. It’s 39 degrees C at the moment and I just don’t know how to treat it. Should I take some medicine (doesn’t it ruin all the cleanse?) or try to get it lower just with herbal teas (I know, it sounds pretty naive to do just this)? I’m pretty sure it’s not a die off, I’ve got really cold few days ago..
    Anyone experienced that before?

    Any info would be much of the help!

    Take care everyone!


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    Start taking vitamin C; 1000 mg every 60 minutes until you go to bed tonight. If you wake up during the night, take another 1000 mg each time you wake up. Vitamin C helps to bring a fever down. At this amount, you may get diarrhea, but this is beneficial to the body when you’re running a high fever.

    In addition to the vitamin C, you can also take an ibuprofen to bring the fever down, but once it’s down, stop taking it and stay with the vitamin C.

    Drink LOTS of ice water while you have the fever and lots of regular-temperature water after the fever drops. The vitamin C will act as a diuretic so you’ll have to replace the water.

    If your fever drops, you can continue to take 1000 mg of vitamin C every two hours and extra doses if you feel the symptoms getting worse.



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    That looks like a really good method! I’m gonna try this for sure. Thank you Able!!!


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    I would also consider trying out echinacea and consider not going on the cleanse.

    One thing to keep in mind is that die-off symptoms are similar to the flu.



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    Raster, I’m taking echinacea regularly for over 6 months already. It did a miracle to my painful verruca on a foot and really protected me from getting ill during this time. I got flu once in November but it didn’t last long. So it’s difficult to guess I’m experiencing die-off or real cold now.

    Thanks again for your opinions, guys!

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