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    Hi, My naturopath has coffee in moderation on my diet. I drink it 1/3 caffinated w 2/3 decaff, w/ stevia and almond milk.

    Here’s my question: Is this due to liver compromised? Is anyone else drinking small amounts of coffee?

    I’ve also read where coffee helps the liver and have done coffee enemas in the past. I cleared Hep C in 2002 and never stopped the coffee after reading the benefits. I was blessed to be one of the few I knew who actually cleared the virus after a year of “chemo.”

    Thank you


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    I would not consume coffee on the diet. Coffee drains your adrenals which you need for your immune system. Coffee contains high levels of molds which cannot be completely killed when making it. Additionally, coffee is acidic which benefits the yeast.



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    Your better off cutting it out for a little while, then re-introducing it.

    I have asked Dr. Bakker this very question recently.

    His response ->


    I’ve not found coffee really to be an issue, unless a person consumes many (more than two) cups per day, and has coffee with sugar. Try and have coffee in the morning, preferably before lunch time. Too much coffee can stimulate the nervous system, and adversely affect the digestive system.

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