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    I just found this sight and am looking for some advice. I have heard that coconut oil was good for candida but hesitated to use it due to the high calorie content. I am not sure if this is candida related too, but I had lost alot of weight about a year and a half ago but in this past 8 or nine months since being on antibiotics 3 different times I have found that I am dealing with candida and I have gained back about 30 lbs of the 86 lbs I had lost. I am having no luck losing it again. I have such cravings which I am sure is due to the candida too. I keep reading that everyone loses weight on this diet and I know it can be done but I am having such a hard time. Does anyone have any advice on how to cut the cravings?

    Also how does coconut oil differ from coconut butter? Are they both ok or just the oil?




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    Coconut fat is in the form of medium-chain fatty acids which are rarely found in any other “fat” food source. This special group of fatty acids is extremely healthy for the body. In fact, the fatty acid present in coconut, lauric acid, is the same as that present in a human mother’s milk. These fatty acids are easy to digest, and they direct end up in the liver where they are burnt up to create body fuel. They are not stored up in the adipose tissue and hence don’t contribute to “fattening” so you should not worry about it.

    Coconut oil is just the oil that is extracted from the meat and Coconut butter is the whole meat of the coconut pureed into a creamy butter which is 65% oil.


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    priceofsin, can we have the coconut meat on the candida diet? What about the milk/water?


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    If I can step in…fresh coconut meat is excellent and is loaded with all sorts of beneficial nutrients, as well as added fiber. Unsweetened dessicated cocnut is good too; try adding it to yogurt/kifer for an added crunch/mouth feel.

    Water is loaded with lots of sugar (one of my mistakes as it’s soo soothing going down).

    Unsweetened coconut milk is okay but, I think it’s an item to add in down the protocol stages; read ingredients, coconut & water should be it…….

    I loved sweet baby coconuts until I found out how bad they were for candida. 🙁


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    Heavily limiting calories is a terrible way to keep weight off, even if it helps you lose it initially. Cravings are likely a sign of metabolic issues, just like the fact that you’re overweight itself is. If you don’t have metabolic issues, you will if you continue a massive caloric deficit with the inevitable hormone destruction and malnutrition that accompanies it. The psychological aspect of cravings disappears fairly quickly if you eat well.

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