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    Ok,so I just tried to make coconut flour pancakes for dinner.I forgot baking soda/powder,enough liquids,and it turned out like a powdery crumble,reminiscent of my masa disasters in the past.Any secrets? I’m not a fan of coconut milk and don’t tolerate nut milks (last night my lips were swollen,a reaction to three almonds I tried).
    The flour smells so delicious that I want to perfect these,I’m sick of hard boiled eggs and omelettes for breakfast!


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    I use milk-kefir in mine, and lots of eggs.


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    Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe suggestion. But, have you tried oat bran for breakfast? It’s quite filling. I alternate between eggs and oat ban, even though the oat bran is known to cause bloating.


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    Look on the recipes part of the forum; I know I have oat bran pancakes at the least posted. There is a recipe out there that works!



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    Hey Tulip,

    Im having similar problems with cooking with the coconut flour. Its always too dry when mixing, and after i add extra eggs/coconut milk/coconut oil it doesnt cook anymore.

    And in any case, i maybe dont out enough baking powder in as its always very dense with little or no air.



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    I think I haven’t been adding enough liquid,they are improving though.So tasty with avocado,plus yesterday I found organic alcohol free vanilla extract! YES!

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