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    Kag;36908 wrote: Anybody think that this bread is dry. I have been making the big loaf with coconut flour and oat bran but it is still kind of dry. Is this just the bran and the coconut flour’s nature?

    Hi, Kag. You can add more eggs as well as more olive oil to combat the dryness, or you can just use less of the coconut flour in the mix. You can also add some unsweetened coconut milk to the mixture if it’s too dry. In fact, you can make the mix either dryer or moister by increasing or cutting part the ingredients I’ve mentioned.

    When we use the mix as a coconut ‘cake’ recipe by adding coconut flakes and Stevia, we always add coconut milk and a few more of the eggs so that it’s moister. Of course when we make the cake, we don’t use as much salt if any at all.



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    Mine wasn’t too dry at all. I used a little more melted coconut butter? oil? (brain : /) then listed and cooked it for about 10 min less time. I also spread the coconut oil onto…yes it’s oil lol

    Tomorrow I am going to slice it and and fry it in coconut oil and then spread some garlic “butter” (coconut oil with crushed garlic on it) yum.

    I also want to try adding stevia with cocoa powder to make a cake and for the icing im going to use coconut oil and add cocoa to it with a little stevia too to spread on top!

    : D


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    Hi guys,
    I just baked a similar bread according to this recipe: Paleo Coconut Bread
    (the reason I tried it first instead of the bread recipe from here is that I found coconut flour being pretty expensive (I’m planning to start making it myself a bit later) and I already had some desiccated coconut in my cupboard)

    I omitted honey and vanilla and made a half of the batch just to try it out. I also substituted milled flax seeds for eggs, But at the end I added one egg, because I felt the batter could do some more moisture.
    It turned out pretty well, though I feel that it could have a bit less of a desiccated coconut texture (I didn’t succeed to grind it well).

    It would be nice if someone already experienced in baking coconut breads from Able’s recipe tries this one out and compares their feelings towards both!


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    I tried this recipe for the first time yesterday. I added a bit more coconut milk and used an egg replacement as i don’t eat eggs. It came out fantastic. Thanks so much. it was nice to have something bread like/cake like. I didn’t add stevia this time. next time will add Stevia and see if it tastes even better. Thanks again


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    First time baker!!

    I made the second one in Ables post. (THANK YOU!) It is great to have some bread-like thing to eat (and looking forward to adding lemon zest etc.

    Could do with some help though- It looks quite small (!) and seems to be more cooked on the outside than on the inside, so it is still a little floury inside… any tips?

    Also is there anything wrong with eating loads of this stuff? 😀


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    How are you supposed to store the bread? Fridge? Will it get moldy?

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