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    I just started the cleanse this morning and I literally had to gag the detox drink down. Does anyone have any advice about the detox drink? I am dreading drinking it again because it was so hard to keep it down before. I’m not sure how to do it twice a day for the rest of the cleanse!


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    I used cold water and sucked it down with a straw. I feel like you get used to it. It’s definitely not delicious, but the straw totally helps.

    I would use a funnel and put the mixture in empty water bottles so that I can easily shake the mixture up and the put a straw in and down it as quick as I could.


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    I use an immersion blender and a tad more olive oil which helps with the gallic burn. I personally don’t mind the taste but if you do, try adding some Chia seeds. They don’t as much but they do help get things moving. Chase the detox drink with a lemon wedge or some fresh juiced veggies.


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    Immersion blender is what I used to. I visited a specialist for this and she suggested this to me and there will be no health hazards here.

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