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    Hi all,

    I was diagnosed with candida albicans 2 weeks ago and started the cleanse diet suggested on this website. i’m also having the anti fungals and liver detox supplements and prebiotics as ordered by my allergy specialist.

    I’m eating vegetables mainly with quinoa or buckwheat and oatbran for breakfast. I’m also a veggan so i don’t have any animal products so i’m getting really bored of my diet and am having these cravings for any kind of food especially sugar. I’m not giving in so i’m not eating any sugar but i’m turning to nuts. almonds and hazelnuts in particular. I’m not sure if i should be doing so ?

    also i’m not sure how to diagnose the die-off symptoms. last week i had fever for a day, diarrhea in the morning every day like 3 bouts in 45 mins. i also got a chesty cough and sometimes i get dizzy spells. they are quite random so i do not know what to think and could it be that i have die-off after 1 week and a half?

    I’m also a dancer in full time training and my energy levels are dropping a bit without my fruit. i was wondering in goji berries are an ok on the candida diet?

    i would greatly appreciate if these questions are answered!

    Thank you

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