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    I am a little confused on somethings I thought you were supposed to stay away from,like tomatoes and applecider vinager. Some sites say stay away and others say its ok? So it would be nice to know for sure.


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    Hi, there 🙂 There are variations of anti-candida diets. Some differ in just a few allowed foods, others differ greatly. I personally avoided reading too many diet lists. I looked at several, read the reasons behind some of the food choices, and decided what to keep and what to nix from my diet. I’ve chosen to not include many tomatos, since they don’t make the cut in some lists. I’m also not using any apple cider vinegar right now, but I’ll add it back in when Stage 2 is underway. Sorry, there really isn’t an absolutely 100% guaranteed food list. Among other things, different people are just bound to react different to foods. Some folks on these boards have found that they can’t tolerate some of the “allowed” foods that others can & vice versa. If you really want to play it safe, just stick to the foods that tend to be on most lists.

    Hope this helps 🙂


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    It is SO confusing and frustrating at first because you’re cutting out soo many things, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, most carbs and convenience foods. Are you working with a doctor/naturopath/herbalist at all?
    I agree that with Hope’s post, just focus on the foods that are pretty much accepted on most of the diets and err on the side of caution and be strict if only for the first month. Then try working with some of more questionable foods.

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