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    Hi all,

    1. This is the advice i got previously:

    The idea would be to remove all/most of the stool in your colon so the Nystatin can contact the whole surface of the colon. So yes, do a few distilled/spring/purified water enemas first until you believe your colon is empty (this usually takes me 2-4 rounds one after the other, about 20-40 minutes total). . Directly after that, mix the Nystatin with 4oz of water and immediately put it in your colon while lying on your left side (Sigmoid & Descending colon) for a minute, then turn so your back so it flows to the transverse colon, then finally lay on your right side so it flows to the ascending colon. You can then get up and walk around.

    You CAN do it everyday but I think its more practical to aim for 3 times a week, giving your body a rest day after each Nystatin retention enema.

    Now i’ve been following this but there’s a couple things i need clarified, first of all when i do the nystatin retention enema with 4oz water [118 milliliters]nothing comes out at the end of the day, i thought you had to ‘go’ before bed not leave it in there, although i’ll stress i’ve had zero issues with this.

    Anyway i tried it with 250 ml and still nothing at the end of the day.

    The other thing is i did it wrong the first time and did the nystatin with a full litre like you do the preceding water ones except i didn’t retain it, but i actually feel like i got more benefit from it, is this because it was the first exposure to nystatin so it killed more candida? Or does it reach further when you use more water?

    All in all as someone with cfs who has horrible reactions to anti-fungals by mouth i’ve found the die-off very manageable, almost a steady, sustained, slow release thing i can deal with.

    2. I’ve just started probiotics again [aside from food grade] and i’m tolerating it better then before but it seems to effect my sinus? I wake up with a fuzzy, furry throat and my ears throb and itch, dr says no infection in my ears so what’s the deal? I only get this with tablets not kefir or prebiotics.

    3. I started sf722 only ten a day to take it easy and i had that predictable reaction i get from taking antifungals by mouth, my skin deteriorated and my hands which are most sensitive with my skin issues became cracked, chapped, swollen and infected looking [to the point i can’t move them if i let it get that far.]
    Seems like no one else gets this issue i’ve only read about it one other time in passing, anyway i’m taking a steroid/antibiotic cream as my dr said taking antibiotics by mouth is didn’t to taking it through the skin.

    I was also wondering if i apply manuka honey to my hands will this feed the candida when it absorbs through the skin?[sounds silly i’m sure] Are antibiotic creams ok? Any ideas on why my hands are so sensitive to antifungals?

    As far as i can tell it’s not die-off as the nystatin enema gives me minimal skin dryness but this is like a different level. Unless antifungals by mouth give me some sort of unnaturally extreme die-off? Anyway i’ll cut back the sf722 to only 6 a day for now and see how i tolerate it.

    Thank you all.


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    I see nothing wrong with your procedure.


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