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    Hi all,

    A way to make a powerful antifungal capsule is buying Pure Cinnamon Bark Oil and empty capsules.
    Be sure of buying the bark oil and no the leaf oil. Both oils are antifungal but the active ingredient in the bark oil, cinnamaldehyde is one of the most powerful antifungal from nature.

    You have to use only 2 drops in an empty capsule and fill the rest with olive oil. Listen carefully, only TWO DROPS. This oil is very hot and can irritate the skin and tissues.

    I have taken capsules made by me using 2 drops diluted in olive oil without any adverse reaction. I have used 1 capsule 3 times a day.

    The beauty about cinnamaldehyde is it is fungicidal. It kills the yeast cells like few compounds can do.

    This substance is a more effective antifungal than most of the popular natural antifungal.


    The anti-fungus mechanisms and curative effects of cinnamon oil and pogostemon oil complexes towards intestinal Candida infections were investigated. We measured the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of the complexes against Candida using proportionally-diluted test-tube medium, and examined the evolution of the morphology and structures of Candida albicans using scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) and transmission electronic microscopy (TEM). We found that the average MIC values of the complexes against the fungi were 0.064 mg/mL (cinnamon oil), 0.032 mg/mL (pogostemon oil) for Candida albicans, 0.129 mg/mL (cinnamon oil), 0.064 mg/mL (pogostemon oil) for Candida tropicalis, and 0.129 mg/mL (cinnamon oil), 0.064 mg/mL (pogostemon oil), for Candida krusei. SEM examination over a 24–48 h period showed that the morphology of Candida albicans cells changed significantly. Irregular hollows appeared on the surfaces, inside organelles were destroyed and the cells burst after treatment. TEM examination over a 48 – 72 h period indicated that the cell walls were damaged, organelles were destroyed and most cytoplasms became empty bubbles. Sixty intestinal Candida-infected patients were treated with a capsule containing cinnamon and pogostemon oil. The curative ratio was 71.67% (43/60), and the improvement ratio was 28.33% (17/60), giving a total ratio of 100%. Thus, the cinnamon oil and pogostemon oil complexes had strong anti-fun-guseffectsagainst Candida albican, Candida tropicalis, and Candida krusei. They impacted the morphology and sub-micro structures of the fungus within 48–72 h, and eventually denatured and killed the cells. The complexes have also shown considerable curative effects to intestinal Candida infections.


    Topics: 283
    Replies: 1369

    For those who thinks about Pogostemon oil after reading the study, you can buy it online if you want. Patchuli oil or Pogostemon oil is an extraordinary antifungal. It is toxic, so you need to use only ONE drop in every capsule and try it to evaluate if you can tolerate it. The active antifungal in Cinnamon Leaf Oil is Eugenol that is also an excellent antifungal but Cinnamaldehyde is even more effective and broadspectrum.



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    Hey dvjorge, thanks for that info! Always nice to have another weapon in the arsenal.

    I’m currently doing your protocol of fluconazole and nystatin along with enemas.

    I’m only on day 4 and am not really noticing a big difference in sinus pressure but my ears seem to be getting a little bit plugged up which could be a sign of candida die off.

    My concern is I’m not quite sure if it’s candida I have in my sinuses or aspergillus. This all started after a terrible mold exposure for me.

    I realize fluconazole is ineffective against aspergillus if that is my issue but itraconazole could be an option.

    In your opinion, how long should I give the fluconazole a chance before switching to itraconazole in case it is aspergillus?


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