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    Hey I’ve been reading this site for weeks now due to my extensive self research and my Urologist that doesn’t seem to understand or even care for that matter, and I feel I am not getting any better. I am a 25 years old male and consider myself fairly health conscious and in pretty good shape(work out 3-4 times weekly). The only real problem here is that I enjoy beer too much….(haven’t drank since this started and NEVER plan to drink again) I remember the first couple days i was frequently urinating and slowly turned to burning/throbbing pain and pressure in my whole urinary tract.My ever-so-patient wife took me to the ER 4 times over this in the course of a weekend and EVERYTHING came back fine and they dismissed it as lower abdominal pain and dysuria with no known cause, absolutely no bacteria found… To make this shorter I finally get to see a Urologist and she diagnosed me with prostatitis, still no bacteria found and prescribed me Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg for 30 days. I was so new to this I had never heard of prostatitis before and sure as hell was working just fine down there.. I was desperate so I left and started my antibiotic cycle, today will be 2 weeks on these antibiotics and I already feel my intestinal tract taking a hit and not to mention that the prostatitis is not showing me any mercy whatsoever, I called my Urologist and asked her to please abort the treatment it’s getting worse but she wants me to finish, I told her it’s yeast and that it’s a fungus but she persisted that I do not “confuse“ treatments, please help I don’t know what to do next, let me also add that I am open whole heartedly for a naturopathic remedy. I’m calling out for help knowing that this may just help someone who may be going through something similar,


    Also, Does it sound like I have Candida? If so I should stop taking the antibiotics right? Hmm…


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    ya man sounds like candida.

    this is exactly how mine started. good for you on finding out the cause early.

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