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    I have been dealing with a chronic lip rash for the past coupe years that is similar to angular and exfoliative cheilitis that has been flaring up every couple of months or so. My lips get hot and itchy for the first couple days, then inflammed and red/blotchy. Tiny, paper rash bumps form and moisture then oozes out for a day or two. Then they dry up and my lips peel. When it’s really bad, the corners of my mouth crack and it is painful to eat. The flare up lasts about a week and is highly uncomfortable and distressing for me. I thought it could be oral herpes because I have symptoms of feeling run down, sore throat, at onset of flare up. But my doctor doubts that because I don’t have cold sores. At first I thought it was an allergy to certain foods, but sometimes I will react to the particular food, and sometimes I won’t. Red wine and seafood have been culprits, but sometimes I can’t eat/drink them with no problem! I even had allergy tests done, which all came back negative.

    About a year and a half ago, I started to notice blood in my urine after having sex. It would not always happen, but has recently become more frequent. I have no pain, and the blood goes away in a couple hours. I went and had UTI tests done, urinalysis, CT scan performed…all came back negative/normal. There is a correlation with the blood in urine and lip rash. They always come together! Usually when I have the lip rash, I’m constipated as well.

    NOBODY has suggested Candida, so I stumbled across this forum while researching all the possible causes of my condition. It was only when I was reading about Hemmorrhagic Cystitis that Candida popped up as a possible cause. What is interesting is that these two symptoms that I have are often the side effects in chemo and kidney/bladder cancer patients. Their livers are so toxic from it that they experience the skin conditions and blood in urine.

    I eat a healthy diet, eat very little processed foods, and cook much at home. But I do drink coffee, and love bread and most of the things on the “Foods to Avoid” list for the Anti-Candida diet. I used to have a history of UTI and vaginal yeast infections, but after changing my lifestyle/diet five years ago, I rarely get them now.

    Has anyone else experienced skin problems on their lips or urinary tract problems with candida? I would like to hear your thoughts and stories on how you dealt with it. Thank you!!!


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    You mentioned that you have off and on reactions to foods, particularly red wine and seafood. This could be due to a histamine sensitivity, or more commonly known as a histamine intolerance. I’d have a good research into it if I were you.
    May well not be the cause but just thought I’d share!


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    -Angular chilitis directly related to yeast.
    -Skin conditions related to liver health.
    -Mouth problems could be celiac or epstein barr.
    -Lips are related to liver/kidney health.
    -Constipation can be related to liver health too and a variety of things such as diet.
    -UTI’s related to bacteria and candida and kidneys.


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