chronic cystitis and recurring thrush for over 3 years- HELP!!!

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    I couldn’t find any related topics so decided to write about my situation.

    I was recently diagnosed with chronic cystitis, presumably caused by atypical bacteria (they haven’t done the tests to confirm this as apparently those tests are very expensive) I was put on three months antibiotics and we will see how it goes. Normal bacteria were never detected eihter in my urine nor during the bladder biopsis. The antibiotic dose is quite low I only take one 400mg tablet a day.

    Since I suffer from recurring thrush I did ask the doctor if possibly it is not thrush that causes the inflamtion, but he said the thrush was not detected in my urine.

    It all started three years ago, first I got recurring thrush and few months later I had problems when passing urine( stinging and burning and going to toilet more and more often)

    I have been taking antibiotic for last month but there is no difference and symptoms remain the same. In the meantime my thrush got worse so again I started the diet. I’m after 5 days of detox and die off was pretty horrible, I stoped taking antibiotic for now as I want to get through the worse first and most effectively where as obviously antibiotic will delay the whole process if not make it worse..

    My question is, is it possible the the chronic inflamation of my bladder is caused by my ongoing yeast infections even tho thrush was not detected in my urine?

    Do you perhaps have an advice if I should just continue taking antibiotics or perhaps start taking them again after the detox, during the actual diet while i’ll be on stronger probiotics?

    One last thing, can vaginal thursh be one of the die off symptoms? It got bad again, after few days of calmness

    I would be very grateful to get some advice.


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