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    Someone please help me. Ive had chronic constipation for over a year now, before that never in my life! Didnt have these issues and candida till I took many rounds of antibiotics, shocker. I have tried the diet before and I made it a week and didnt habe a movement once! I gave up. Im trying it again now, jist finished the detox phase and during the detox phase i was worried i wouldnt get cleaned out like i was suppose to so i took Mag 07 oxy powder for 5 days, its the only thing that makes me go. And sunday, the last day of the detox phase i took magnesuim citrate to make sure my system was completely empty. Since monday (11/5) I have only gone once and that was today but it was 2 small pebbles i could barely get out. I have been following the protocol very strict
    Its like no matter what i est or how may veggies i consume nothing happens. I have tried ginger tea and that hasnt helped. I take NAC, molybdenum, milk thistle, vitamin c, and ever day i have warm waterwith lemon, tumeric, and cayenne. Im in phase 2 and it says to just follow the diet but no probiotics or antifungals, should i just start taking the probiotics? I dont think it will help because they never helped me before. Im so fustrated, i want to heal, but i cant if im not releasing toxins properly. I dont know what to do. Ive literally tried everything.

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