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    Hi all,

    My cholesterol has been rising since I took the antibiotics who destroyed me. Moreover, I have taken a lot of Coconut Oil that rises it.

    Here is another effect of taking those terrible antibiotics. Bacteria living in the intestines have an important role regulating cholesterol.

    It isn’t only candidiasis but a lot of problems associated to the gut flora.



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    Im disappointed to learn that,Jorge,as I resonate with your info and my own cholesterol is 202, and I dont consume any dietary cholesterol at all ( the only overt fat is coconut oil and olive occasionally).

    I asked my EX doctor why my cholesterol was rising since my diet is really clean ( I was not consuming coconut or olive at the time) and all she could say is a generic “lots of things can affect it, like inflammation”.


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    Here’s an article about cholesterol written by a biochemist:

    Cholesterol article

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