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    I just think I need to share with all the members that after almost 6 months on the diet I cheated with one slice of chocolate cake on my birthday. I haven’t noticed any reactions that I didn’t have before. I know it was wrong and everything, but I think I needed it to get out of my system and now I can move on. Maybe I set myself back, maybe I didn’t, but I had to do it to know not to do it again (I don’t know if this makes sense to anybody?). All in all, it was my cheat and I’m not thinking of cheating anymore, now I’m moving on through the diet.


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    Keya, You know what? there are plenty who are likely to disagree with me. But I think that having that chocolate cake on your birthday was good for you and your morale. You enjoyed it, you had no reaction, and now you can continue eating healthy. I dont know how some can be on this diet for a year, year and a half and not have a slice of cake for a birthday or a piece of pie around the holidays without going mental. I say good for you!

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