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    I’m missing chocolate so much. Just wondering if I am able to eat no added sugar dark chocolate such as


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    Try unsweetened cocoa and add stevia. yummy when mixed in coconut. (organic-unsweetened coconut)


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    Dear Chris,

    As much as you would really like to eat chocolate, please remember that those are your sugar cravings triggered by the candida.
    When and if you do eat chocolate you will just be feeding the beast as I like to call it.
    I would love to have chocolate myself in any form however I read on this forum that cocoa has caffeine in it and caffeine is a no go for candida sufferers. I am sorry to be a downer, however if you do wan to get better I would stay away from anything that
    could cause any set backs. Dont take my word for it, do your own research about cocoa and caffeine, check also if caffeine is any good for candida.

    Good luck and keep strong so that you can be well


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    I thought we were meant to avoid cocoa because of the caffeine?

    My friend (who is doing a totally different diet) makes ‘chocolate’ by melting coconut oil, adding stevia and cocoa, pouring into paper cup cake cases and leaving to set.

    I imagine we could do the same, using carob powder instead of cocoa!
    I haven’t tried it myself as I am trying to break away from feeling like I need food treats regularly (I was a shocking chocolate eater before). Could be good though? (you could add some coconut or chopped almonds or walnuts?)

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