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    Hello! I’m pretty much sucking at this diet because I live a very busy life where I do not have time to cook any of those fancy recipes. I can do the basics: eggs in the morning and chicken or salmon with green veggies at night or a leafy green salad. But that’s it. I did fine these organic NON GMO chia and quinoa tortilla chips that I need to know if I can eat or not. These are the ingredients: organic whole ground corn, organic sunflower oil, organic chia seeds, organic quinoa, sea salt. Sounds good to me but again, I really have no clue what I’m doing.
    Also, any tips or recipes for quick snacks or lunches?
    P.s. I had coffee today and I feel horrible about it because I feel like I’m back at square 1. Everything hasssss to be cut out of my diet????


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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