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    I believe some of my children have candida overgrowth. Is this diet acceptable for children? It seems as there would probably be weight loss or lack of some of nutrients. They’re trim already so weight loss is not needed! If you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it. I figured just getting rid of the sugars and white products, do you think that would rid of the overgrowth?

    Thank you


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    Is it possible that they just have food sensitivities? A lot of the symptoms overlap. You could try an elimination diet first to get rid of the sensitive seven – soy, corn, wheat (but I would do all gluten), dairy, eggs, sugar, and peanuts. If you don’t see improvement with that then you could try the candida diet. If you do, I would be sure to work with a registered dietitian to make sure they’re getting everything they need.

    What symptoms do they have?


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    Hello, Shalom 🙂 I was wondering how many children you have, their ages, and what kind of diet they’re used to. For instance, will they eat a variety of vegetables already, will they eat salad with a simple dressing, or are they more mac & cheese kids? I thought it would be helpful to know these things before I responded further 🙂

    We have 4 children, and are expecting our 5th. My children have partially been on the diet since I have, testing out the tastiness of certain recipes. There are SO many vegetarian children out there, I know the diet can be done healthfully with little ones, but depending on where you’re starting from, it may be best to begin *very* gradually. I’ll write more after I hear from you 🙂

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