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    I’m trying to prepare many of the items I will eat in Stage 2 now, so I don’t cheat with items not allowed.

    I looked for Chicory coffee in my local Trader joes & whole foods, but found only regular coffee WITH Chicory. Is Chicory Coffe simply Decafinated Coffee with Chicory mixed in? Or are there Brands of Pure Chicory Coffee available?

    I found this one on Amazon. If anyone has a Reliable Source for where to buy Pure Chicory Coffee, please post on this thread.

    Is this one Suitable?


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    That brand looks fine to me, wouldn’t mind trying it myself.
    Keep in mind that chicory is ‘extremely’ strong, much stronger than regular coffee, so you will want to adjust your measurements accordingly.



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    Some brands are easier on the body than others. My gf had one recently that gave her bad stomach aches and IBS while another brand did not do this.



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    Thanks, I assume using Unsweetened Almond Milk in it is ok. I certainly couldn’t drink black. I know dairy is out, as I assume Soy milk is also a bad idea.

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