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    Ive had yeast infections on and off for years. But back last year it was persistent and just didnt want to clear up. I was on a long course treatment and after about 4-5 months it did eventually clear. I was ok for a year and now its come back again. I was hoping it would clear with a single dose treatment but it hasnt. So two tablets and three pessarys later it has eased but still there. Ive also had a bit of a reaction to the last pessary i took and have bad chest pains for the last few days. Has anyone else experienced chest pains before? I had chest pains back last year but never put it down to the treatment i was on and the chest pain stayed with me even after treatment had stopped. And only a few months ago completely went. Has anyone who has experienced chest pains found a way to get rid of it?


    Beat Candida
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    I get the chest pain all the times but so far no success in getting rid of them.

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