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    Making chapatis are great because they are very quick if you haven’t got time to make a loaf of bread and can be used in many meals.

    4 ounces of buckwheat flour (or flour of your choosing)
    100ml of water (about 6 tablespoons)
    1 tablespoon of olive oil

    1) Stir the olive oil into the flour.
    2) Gradually stir in the water until the mixture forms a dough (you can mix it with your hand if you prefer).
    3) Separate the mixture into four balls.
    4) Roll out each ball into a round circle on a flat surface (you will need to add alot of flour to the surface you roll the dough on and also on the rolling pin because the dough can be quite sticky).
    5) Fry in the frying pan for about 3-4 mins per side.

    Tip: Putting the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes-1 hour makes it easier to roll and less likely to stick to the rolling pin.

    To make buckwheat crispbreads:
    Just roll out the dough and cut into strips and then place them in an oiled baking tray. With a pastry brush add some oil to the top of the dough strips. Put them in a preheated oven for 10 minutes (turn them over after 5 minutes).

    These can be stored for about 3 days in a tupperware box.


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    This sounds really clever for a bread. I’m going to try it. Thanks.


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    I’ve made the chapatis three times so far, and I’m getting better at it–they don’t look so ragged around the edges. I found I needed to add a whole cup (8 oz.) of buckwheat flour otherwise the dough was too runny. The chapatis are my new tortillas. I doubled the recipe this last time and they turned out very nicely.

    For a treat I toasted one slightly to warm it up, and put organic butter, cinnamon, and stevia on it. I really wanted something sweet. A new version of cinnamon toast!

    Many thanks for this recipe.


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    Well my first attempt didn’t turn out that great. Kinda tough & crispy – not what I was going for. Of course it was really great to be able to have them with the incredible coconut curry vegetables recipe I found online. I didn’t mind their texture and slightly sour flavor once they were paired with the vegetables. I also made a Raita dish as a side salad – the whole meal actually made me feel kinda normal for the first time since I began the diet.

    Next time I might try adding yogurt instead of water to the flour as that is supposed to help them be softer. Another suggestion was kneading them more until the dough got very smooth and letting them sit for an hour. As I love all things Indian (especially the food) I will certainly be trying to perfect this. Thanks for the recipe/idea!!

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