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    hiya. i’m 20 and have been extremely ill for about 3 years now, suffering from things like headaches,stomache pains(ibs symptoms),join and muscle pain,chest pain, fatigue, sweating etc… blood test are all normal so have been diagnosed with CFS/ME. i can’t work due to feeling tired all the time and i often feel irritable and very low. i find that wheat and gluten affect me so have cut the majority of them out but not all.i would never have thought about candida but for the last 6 months(possibly more) i have had severe thrush(at both ends lol), and treatment isn’t working! im going to start this diet on monday and am hoping if anything it will get rid of the thrush as its driving me mad! but has anyone else had an experience similar to mine? and what was the result of being on the diet? thanks 🙂


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    Hey Christina,

    Just my opinion but i would get tested for candida first to see what your up against, then once you know you can deal with it accordingly as in – if its a strong colonisation (which sounds like) you’ll need more than just a diet change along with a bag full of anti candida killing products along with pro biotics.

    i got a test which comprised of a mouth swab and stool sample, sent it off and got results back in 3 weeks and cost about £100 in total which wasnt bad i think compared to my ‘free’ mis-diagnosis from my doctor and now i know ive got a medium colonisation so can tackle it accordingly.

    there are lots of test kits available but this is the one i got


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    You can also just try the diet for 2 weeks and see if you notice a difference. It doesn’t hurt you by getting rid of all the bad food, and is cheaper than getting tested. I tried the diet on my own for 2 weeks, and felt a significant change to know that was the problem. Of course getting rid of it is a much longer process, which shoudl include fungicides.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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