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    I have had a handful of panic attacks but not for many years. Then, after taking molybdenum for 4 days and 2 days after starting Swedish Bitters (1/2 teaspoon) I felt one coming on. It lasted about 6 hr. from beginning to peak to subsiding and now, the next day, I just feel a bit shaky. Could it be from the Bitters? I felt it coming on about 30 minutes after taking it. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced it? I really don’t want to take them again if this is the cause….


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    I can just comment on my own experience. I never had panic attacks in my life until i got sick. That was my first and got me into hospital. I was pretty panicky after that. When I started the treatment it got worse for a while. Now it’s going away slowly and I also learned to manage them (ignore most of the symptoms and wait for it to go away, but symptoms are much milder to begin with so much easier to ignore them).

    I blame it all on candida. As I’m getting better, I am getting into much better mood, I am regaining my confidence I have lost through the whole ordeal.

    I was taking bitters and molybdenum. I stopped taking bitters because it stated somewhere that they should not be taken during period and just didn’t get around restarting them yet, and I stopped molybdenum only two days ago. I don’t think these are to blame, but one of the veterans can correct me if I’m wrong.



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    Hello, Melissa.

    There’s no reason that molybdenum or digestive bitters would cause a panic attack, and I’ve never heard or read of this happening before in connection with either supplement. But anxiety and panic attacks are both normal symptoms of a Candida infestation and of die-off; so severe die-off as well as the infestation itself will cause anxiety and panic attacks. My guess is that this was a matter of timing instead of the supplements themselves.

    However, if you know much about panic attacks, then you know that if you believe that either bitters or molybdenum has caused you to have a panic attack, then each time you take either of these you will have an increased chance of experiencing another one. This is because, if you believe they’ll cause one, then the anxiety will start while you’re preparing to take the supplement and the anxiety could easily turn into panic.

    Are you taking the herb Ashwagandha? You might try this for your anxiety and panic problem as it has helped a lot of people with this as well as resolving mood swings.



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    Thanks so much Able. That makes sense that it is the Candida – your response was reassuring. I am not currently taking Ashwagandha but I’ll look into that if my anxiety symptoms come back.

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