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    A little confused about coconut milk… a recipe here calls for a can of coconut milk in a stage 1 dish… is this right? I don’t buy low fat, so it would be the creamy stuff. Starting this diet tomorrow and need to get my pantry stocked!


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    I use it all the time and used it in that stage of my diet in moderation. Coconut it good for you to kill off candida. but it does naturally contain sugars, same as plain yogurt so i would keep it to a minimum.

    If you ever want whipped cream ontop of anything fruit etc. when your on stage two here is the process…

    1 can coconut milk chilled in the fridge for 24 hours.
    pour out cocnut water and save for smoothies or something else.
    use only the thick white cream part.

    use a cold bowl and put coconut cream in it and whipp with your mixer or by hand very vigorously until it thickens up and turns into whipped cream consistency. better using a mixer if you got it.

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