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    So i recently figured out I’ve probably overloaded my liver with toxins in the past year messing up on the protocol, and I’ve probably been having too much fat in my diet also. I realized I’m probably having liver issues when i made some connections with my symptoms (headaches that come with nausea, fatty food intolerance, worrying about thought processes, insomnia, fatigue, emotional instability, scrambled thoughts, unexplained chest pains). Recently I’ve been trying a gentle liver detox with warm lemon water in the morning and dandelion root tea throughout the day and it seems like I’m getting results (i get anxious, a little weak and shaky, spaced out and i can feel pressure changes and movement in my chest and lower after drinking either detox drink). What I’m wondering is what kind of diet changes can i make to fit this situation? I was having at least 3tbsp of olive oil a day, probably more, and i think that was keeping me full and providing much needed i can only drizzle a tiny bit on my food without getting nauseous. Today i ate at least 5 lbs of veggies (rutabaga, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, green beans) almost a full cup of buckwheat (before cooking), and 4 eggs, about a tbsp of olive oil and I’ve still been hungry all day. I don’t know what to do to starve the candida and keep my liver healthy at the same time.I’m also worried I’m not getting enough calories, and that they’re in the wrong ratios. I’m starting to wonder if post of why I’m so run down and having so many issues mentally and physically I’d due to improper diet.what would the proper fat/carb/protein ratio be? I just don’t know what to eat anymore.if someone could give me a sample diet plan, or suggest filling, high calorie food that would be awesome.I’m really struggling. Besides candida i now have adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, pancytopenia, and now these liver problems.I’m in way too deep with too little support and im scared im not gonna make it. If anyone can help, please reply. Thanks.


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    I would eat larger meals and snack between meals if possible. You need to eat almost twice as much food (atleast if you were a man). I think males need more food, my wife seems to gain weight despite eating a lot less than I do.

    I would examine the teff bread recipe, making fresh almond butter (after roasting and soaking it the almonds), maybe some beans, kefir, yogurt, pumpkin, etc. Flax, hemp, chia, millet are a few other examples of some good foods. There’s a lot out there, you just need to go find it and try it out.

    Oat bran and more buckwheat are also worth mentioning.

    Try to aim for 3-4 course meals with a snack between meals.

    I am happy to hear you are feeling a little bit better with the liver cleansing and there is a lot more you can do. I would examine something like super milk thistle x by integrative thereaputics. Acupuncture, liver detox tea’s, etc. There are a ton of herbs that can help.


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