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    Posted this on another website and one very kind person recommended this forum, so I hope you can give me further advice.

    I have suffered from acne for five years and been through a couple of antibiotics for it. 22 year old male. I read online about the possibility of developing candida from antibiotics and one of the symptoms from candida is acne. I figured I would do à test for it and the results came today. Can you please help me explain My test result and if I’ve got Candida or not? And if it could contribute why I still get acne and feel tired and depressed quite often. Difference between IgG and IgA I don’t understand any of it and can’t talk with à doctor for à while.

    Here’s the test result:

    I have for long been thinking why I still gets acne, as all of my friends have grown out of it. Could it be Candida?

    Much appreciate your help.


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    Hello, HB, welcome to the forum.

    Yes, a Candida albicans infestation can definitely cause acne as it’s one of the major symptoms of the infestation.

    IgG antibodies indicate either a past or present yeast infection.

    IgA antibodies represent a mucosal infection. Mucosal refers to the tissues which produce mucus; have you had a lot of mucus?

    The same range of numbers applies to both IgG and lgA.

    0.00 represents a low reading.

    0.88 and higher represents a high reading.

    Considering your readings, 4.9 and 26.1, you can assume that you have a Candida albicans infestation.

    For help curing your infestation, you can start reading the posts that are most important for beginning the treatment protocol.

    Proper and Safe Cleanse:


    Allowed Foods:

    Ignore any instructions on this website, including their diet and cleanse, and only go by the forum as the website is very much out of date as far as the newer research on Candida albicans is concerned.

    Please let us know if you have questions.



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    I think you will see quite an improvement with your acne after you start the diet. I was on antibiotics for MANY years for acne. I was terrified to stop taking them because knew how my skin could get without them. Proud to say that I have been ance free for the past few months with using only a cream at night. Years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible for me.

    Best of luck! 🙂


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    These hormone levels need to be analyzed by either a physician or naturopath that can fully understand what they mean and how they apply to you.

    However, one of them seems like it is at an unsafe level and this can be addressed by doing the diet.

    If you want a stronger opinion on whether you have candida from a doctor, you will need to take more expensive tests such as stool samples, blood tests, etc. However these will not be completely conclusive because it is fairly difficult to be diagnosed with candida in western medicine.

    However, if you suspect that you have a candida overgrowth, then the only way you know for certain whether you have it is to do the diet. If you feel worse and experience die-off, then this means that you have it and will have a long time to get better. It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth. For some that have a weaker overgrowth of candida, the recovery time can be much quicker.



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    raster wrote: These hormone levels need to be analyzed by either a physician or naturopath that can fully understand what they mean and how they apply to you.

    FYI, Raster, IgA and IgG are antibodies, not hormones.

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