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    Hi, I read an article earlier today and it got me wondering what else I might have going on besides my infestation and what I should be tested for by a western doctor. Three of the big things I hear about related to CRC are adrenal burnout, parasites and heavy metal toxicity. Do western doctors check for these things and treat them? If not, what should I do to rule them out or find out if I have an issue. What other conditions should I be investigating with my doctor or on my own? I’ve just realized lately that this syndrome is the result of many different factors and that those factors can play into additional problems, so I want to be proactive. Thanks.



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    Unfortunately, the only one of these that I know western doctors can test is adrenal fatigue. You can also potentially visit a GI doctor who specializes in GI problems for stool tests. I don’t think a GI doctor will diagnose anyone with candida.

    Theres a ton of other things to consider such as mineral or vitamin levels, thyroid, liver, kidneys, allergies, etc. Most of these can be tested by western doctors. I had my liver enzymes tested and they came back as elevated meaning my liver is ailing. My adrenal fatigue test was slightly low but showed that I didn’t chew my food enough and that I need to snack more (analyzed by naturopath).

    Then there is diseases you could maybe get tested for such as crohn’s, cancer, etc. These are likely investigated based on other tests/results. I don’t think its fair to label health problems with the name of a disease and feel that you can get over any disease diagnosed or not.

    A lot of these problems are caused by GMO foods, toxins in our environment, and poor organ functionality or a combination of them all.


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