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    I am new to this forum, here is my story.. I am 44 years old, active. I began having strange symptoms a little over a year ago.. I had been hitting the alcohol very hard for about 4 years.. Progressed to Drinking a 1.75l of Whisky in about 5 to 7 days all by myself.. I had some tragic losses in the family all in the same year.. To get to the point, I began having strange symptoms, noticeably, getting very hot and flushed for no reason. My face began to turn into a tomato about once a week, usually in the evening. When Drinking it would happen as well but also when not drinking.. I sort of ignored it at first but then decided it must be the booze. I stopped drinking and got a couple weeks of no flushing but it continued on even when not drinking.. I would drink on and off again over the course of the next few months when suddenly the flushes would come morning, noon and night along with what appeared to me to be a fungus looking patch on my face, a flat raised area of lumpy skin on each side of my cheeks, first one then the other. These took about a month to calm down after using some essential oils and tea tree on them.. However the flushing continued.. I eventually totally stopped drinking, started a strict diet, however after reading these forums did include fruit assuming it was healthy.. My doctor gave me antibiotics which I hat taking pills but was desperate so i took them for a couple months, the flushing was significantly reduced but did indeed return as has a nice patch next to my nose that looks a bit like the start of ringworm.. I have not drank a drop since Early December last year and as of a day ago cut sugar, wheat, dairy, carbs etc.. out of my diet and started a probiotic as well as eating non starchy greens, quinoa, some oatmeal.. My question is I have no rash, itch or anything anywhere else, nor any abdominal discomfort, but after reading through alot I think that the drinking really through my candida balance way off.. Any thoughts?


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    I have no Symptoms apart from an environmental mold allergy, I saw a nutritionist and he pretty much immediately diagnosed a yeast overgrowth, I am now on a diet and supplements according to his report. The supplements lglutamine, garlic, oregano, and a supplement called BioCare Eradicidin Forte at night..I build up from 1 to 3 a day for six weeks then I stop for a couple of weeks and start again (just the biocare and oregano). The report has more detail but this is the brunt of it.

    It is not hard to get an inbalance, indeed most people probably do, the candidia diet is also extremely good for your long term health..for my opinion.

    A Diagnosis can be done completely on symptoms..indeed if I went to the local GP he wouldn’t even know what this was,so my opinion is nobody has anything to loose by going on a candidia diet, it should be the main diet of our was pretty much, it’s a new way of life away from illness and disease.

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