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    Hello all, I have been a long lurker but as my problems aggravated I thought I would share it with you.

    4 months back I had a bout of diarrhea that made me go to the bathroom several times that night feeling miserable in the morning. The diarrhea never came back but I started to feel severely bloated, gassy, nausea and hot air sensation in my stomach. This soon changed to stomach burns, belching, discomfort, bowel movements multiple times during the day but it still felt incomplete.

    Suddenly one fine afternoon, I had a strong ache on the left part of my head and a constant dull ache set in. My head felt heavy all day long, a fatigued body even after I had a comfortable sleep of 10 or so hours. I was feeling perennially tired – disinterested with a lack of concentration, confusion and serious word recall issues. My mind always kept thinking of the problems going on with my body and never concentrated on work or what the other person is talking about. Brain fog had set in.

    I visited the doctor, whom I finally convinced to perform an endoscopy and found out Helicobacter pylori, GI disease & Intestinal metaplasia. He gave me a round of antibiotics to eradicate H pylori – however the other symptoms stayed.

    After researching on the internet, I found out about Candida which I had no clue about but since the symptoms matched perfectly I started to try with natural remedies like Garlic, Oil of oregano and coconut oil etc. Day 2 after having Garlic helped tremendously, brain fog was gone and after months my body felt fresh, I was assured that the root cause was Candida. I eliminated Sugar, Starch, Rice, Potato, Milk , Beer, breads but still had wheat and green leafy salads. I bought Candida Support online and it helped regulate my symptoms to certain extent, the antibiotics course continued too. After 2 months – I went for my UBT which turned out negative, which confirmed H pylori is out.

    I went through stool culture which found Candida famata in the sample. The doctor was confused as these species are not found in humans and there’s no tested cure for the same. I had no option but to continue with the home remedies I had discovered earlier.

    Everything was good for a month, I had continued my dose of Candida Support, Garlic, Oil of Oregano, Vitamin D, Calcium, Acidophilus but all of the sudden same symptoms (belching, gas, slight pain upper abdomen, nausea) came back to me. At this point, I am clueless so as to what has caused them to return or have self diagnosed myself incorrectly?

    Understand people have been fighting this ailment for years and for me its just been a few months – but I’m severely demotivated as I am not able to give my 100% to anything. What’s bothering me the most is the Candida Famata diagnosis which doesnt seem to have a cure – I tried the internet but there seems to be nothing on that topic either.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Just because its this one strain doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it. You kill the yeast for all species types the same way, with antifungals, probiotics, and supporting the immune system.

    There is a chance you have parasites and other bacteria that have overgrown but it sounds like you have yeast.


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