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    Hello guys! I’m new to the forum but I have been reading everything I found helpful for my candida journey for the past 3 weeks. I will attach photos so you can see what I’ve been through since 2015.

    I’m 22 years, been a pro athlete and never experienced food issues. In 2015 I went to the USA for a college program during the summer (I’m from Romania). I was used to always eating very raw and healthy (homemade everything: meat, milk, cheese, eggs, bread, my father has a garden where he grows all kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruit) but in the US I ate a lot of fast food and sweets because as a student I didn’t really have money to buy what americans call healthy and organic. During my stay there I got a very very very bad acne all over my face but it wouldn’t go away with anything I used externally. I would also get very swollen eyes. I have to admit I used a lot of prescribed antibiotics because I would get a very sore throat and I always assumed I had a virus infection and wanted to prevent being ill before the sickness kicked in. After I came back home in October 2015 in Romania I started eating normal again and my skin problems disappeared but I would still have skin blemish with no reason.

    In april 2016 I wanted to lose weight so I started a keto diet. I avoided carbs at all costs, I did a very strict keto diet. I would only eat fat pork meat with a lot of salads out of herbs and leafs only no vinegar or anything. I lost a lot of weight, felt amazing, my skin was perfect, I noticed my eyes weren’t puffy or swollen at all but 2-3 weeks into the diet I got a very bad skin rash on my stomach. It started like a small mosquito bite and extended all over my stomach. It was itchy and had pustules. After another week I decided to do a cherry clense. I ate for one week only cherries from my father’s garden and drank water. My rash disappeared.

    I continued with the keto diet till july when I was back in the US. I started to get sore throat again and took antibiotics again and also started eating like shit. I would get extreme headaches, I would lay in bed all day and sleep but wake up tired and foggy, my acne came back, my face and eyes would get swollen and of course gained weight.

    In October 2016 I was back in Romania again and started the keto diet again to lose weight. I felt weak but my acne went away completely, my face and eyes went back to normal and lost weight. In December I started getting those really bad cravings and would binge eat like crazy until I felt like exploding. I would have weeks I would only go to college and back home to sleep, I would be depressed and feel foggy with no reason. I felt I was sick but I didn’t know why, like something was up with me but I didn’t know what.

    I started eating normal and working out normally in January February 2017 until June when I had a massive mental and physical crash like an extreme fatigue. I didn’t know what to do, I started eating again chaotically and felt terrible, my acne came back. I’m a nutrition student and decided to make my own macro and diet plan.

    In july 2017 I started my own diet and I used to eat around my macros everyday as carbs rice, vegetables and fruits, lean chicken as protein and olive oil and homemade peanut butter and other healthy fats. I felt good for a while, still had bad days and skin blemishes until I started eating milk everyday. In a month of eating milk everyday I crashed very bad (november-december 2017) my acne got very very bad again, I would get headaches and pressure in my right ear, my blood pressure would get low. I decided to go to an allergist because I was sure I was having a food reaction and I suspected milk and gluten. I forgot to mention that my bowel movement was very slow and I would get constipated and bloated. I took a prick test but didn’t react to anything and the doctor made me do blood tests for allergens. It came back negative to all the allergens she tested me for (about 50) but my DAO enzyme came back as very low and it meant I had histamine intolerance and also my IGE was very high with no reason and iron deficiency. I started eating a histamine intolerance diet (very fresh meat, rice cakes, all kinds of rice, rice noodles, olive oil, carrots, white onion and fresh homemade sweet SOUR CREAM with homemade spelta flatbreads without sugar or yeast), I felt good for a while my acne was still there but not as bad, I would still get headaches when I ate too much but I always thought it was from the meat cause meat can get high in histamine. When I wanted to treat myself I would make spelta flat breads and eat them with the homemade sour cream (it’s not sour if you make it from fresh cows milk, it has a very sweet taste and it’s thick consistency from the fat). I would get a lot of cravings for the sour cream and ended up eating sour cream all day sometimes. I would get the extreme fatigue again and acne. I did the blood tests again but the dao was a little bith higher than last time (still not good) but my IGE was higher and my iron was lower.

    One day my mom found a romanian forum with people talking about children with histamine intolerance and candida. Most of the kids there where having low dao activity like me but candida as well. So my mom asked me if I have it, her knowing that in the past I would take antibiotics without probiotics. I took the saliva test with both of my parents, mine and my moms came positive and my father’s (who is a health freak and eats raw garlic every morning and only from his garden) came negative. I decided to get stool and urine tested but for my surprise it came back negative. I started reading about candida and it’s symptoms and just then I realized I was having all the symptoms: skin itchiness, acne, rashes, insomnia, constipation, bloating, gases, my lower lip always produced dead skin, I would get dandruff in my eyebrows and ears, smelly breath, fatigue and would feel better if I ate low carb. So I decided to start the keto diet again but also include some anti fungal foods (garlic, homemade apple cider vinegar, coconut oil). I read a lot of stuff here on the forum and also read that the rash I got on my stomach first time I did keto could have been a candida die off so I waited to see if I would get it again. And I did. I have the rash on my face (it looks exactly like periorificial dermatitis), on my chest and neck. It itches. I have homemade sauerkraut and eat it as a probiotic. I started taking nac with vitamin e and c. But one problem I have right now is this: I started eating milk kefir as another probiotic (one week old homemade) my skin rash goes away but I’m feeling dizzy again, I feel pressure in my right ear again and sleep all day and wake up tired.

    I was wondering guys, would this be a die off or a flare up?

    Thank you if you took time to read this! I tried to sum up everything as much as I could.
    I made this album so I can share pictures with you guys of my skin rashes so you can see how it looks like and also wrote a short description on most of them.


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    What a detailed post 🙂

    Symptoms like ear pressure (plus related dizziness) and fatigue could certainly be a result of the kefir. Kefir contains a lot of probiotics, especially homemade kefir. However, it might also be a dairy intolerance causing inflammation. Are you eating a lot more dairy?

    Another really important point is – stop taking antibiotics for every minor infection!! They should really be a last resort. Rest, diet and hydration will fix almost all minor bacterial infections. Save the antibiotics for when you REALLY need them, and use them with probiotics if you do.

    It sounds like you’re on the right track, and your dad sounds like a great role model. Try to find a consistent plan you can stick to in the long term, instead of bouncing between diets and binges. Good luck!

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    Hey! Thank you for reading it haha. I took a blood test for dairy allergens and it came back negative and I was never dairy intolerant. When I was an athlete I would eat every other day some dairy and no reactions. I’ve been having problems since 2015 but mostly in 2017 and 2018. I would assume it’s because I started using kefir as probiotics I might have this as a die off reaction probably. Yeah haha my dad loves harvesting and eating healthy but he’s sometimes very annoying. I know I messed up with the antibiotics but I was always afraid of getting very ill and not train until I was healthy. Thank you ❤️

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