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    My struggle is long, like most of you and I think I am ready to stop it once and for all.

    I was diagnosed with candida in 2001 via stool sample. I also found out around the same time that I am allergic to candida and all molds via allergy testing.

    At the time I was diagnosed I had a small baby and had very little energy for a strict diet.

    I was also diagnosed with severe insomnia at the same time. I thought it was all related to sleep deprivation.

    Since the candida and insomnia started I’ve struggled intensely, like most of you.

    I’ve followed the candida diet off and on at times and when I narrow down my food to very basic candida safe foods, my symptoms reduced, at times significantly.

    I’ve been on strong sleep medication for many years and I hate it but sleep deprivation is worse than medication.

    After living with this condition for many years I have a theory, just not sure exactly how to fix it.

    Excessive antibiotic use for 2 years caused permanent candida. The candida exasperated allergies and food intolerances which then caused a stronger immune reaction.

    The immune reaction increased cortisol and also contributed to insomnia.

    I have an amazing naturopath but we’re struggling to pinpoint the underlying cause.

    To make matters worse, my thyroid has stop working properly and I am hypothyroid from improper T4 conversation to reserve T3.

    I’m looking for both support and ideas for solutions. Would stool testing help?

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you tried food allergy IGG sensitivity testing? I struggled for years with myriads of symptoms before I took dairy and gluten out of my diet. The die off I have experienced over the last two years has been pure hell, but I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel to recovery. I have found a sizable improvement switching to a Paleo-esque diet.


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    Thank you for your reply! I do have food intolerance and have gone on elimination diets before but I could probably stand to do a serious one again.

    Since my last post I started Nystatin oral liquid and have been on it for about 4 weeks now. That combined with a very low carb diet has seemed to make a huge difference in my symptoms. Last week I increased my carbs and now I am suffering again.

    Another way I can tell that my candida is flaring up is that I wake up with stringy saliva in the morning. Meaning, it’s so bad that I actually have to brush my entire mouth to get rid of it. So….I know the Candida is bad and causing problems. I also get extreme brain fog at the same time.

    It is so difficult to follow this strict diet. I definitely want to feel better and now what I have to do to get there but it’s just depressing at times to have to fix a completely different meal for myself than my family.

    My guess is that I will need to be on the Nystatin for a while and it’s probably going to 6 months of strict eating to clear it out of my system.

    The frustration is that these are the problems I have with foods:
    Raw veggies cause extreme gas
    I have to follow low Fodmap foods entirely, which is limiting
    I have to follow low carb strictly, even if a food is low fodmap
    Even low fodmap veggies, highly steamed, can cause digestive distress
    I eat a lot of salad with lean protein.

    Thanks for listening! I think it’s just really hard to fix this problem and I am mad that it’s happening. I think my candida started when I was in my early 20s and was prescribed a slew of strong antibiotics for recurrent sinus infections, which were actually caused by an anatomical problem requiring surgery. My gut has never been the same since. I think it permanently killed the good bacteria.


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    Hi Tfig,

    I feel you’re pain. As we all do, I’m sure.

    I was interested by your post because of the mention to “stringy saliva”. Sometimes it’s good to hear that others are suffering with similar symptoms so that you know you’re arent going crazy (well I find it supporting :D).

    So as reference this is what I put in my post as one of my many symptoms. It has actually been one of my worst symptoms. At times it could sometimes stop me breathing properly during exercise. Horrible. I’d probably fit in with a llama family.

    “– Stringy saliva. This is very bizarre and have had it for a while. I can only explain it as what might happen with extreme dehydration but I drink a very good amount of water. I can rarely get rid of this saliva. It is horrible, it clings to the side of my mouth. This just isn’t right at all”

    As of very recently this has reduced but at the moment I couldn’t tell you what it is that helped me. I think I started my gut/Candida battle in the first year of Uni (early 20s aswell) with a course of antibiotics. I am now 26, stress tipped me over the edge recently and now it is holding me back. I need to sort it!

    If it makes you feel any better, I also find it frustrating, depressing, sad (use what ever word you want) to try fix this problem so I can feel somewhat like I did a few years ago. So you definitely aren’t alone.

    I think you’ve found a bit of a solution and the diet in some form will help drastically. No one can say how long it will take, but health is worth it.

    You and I can both sort it! 2019 is the year!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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