Candida Inhibits the Lactobacillus Species in Probiotics

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    The intestinal tract is an ecosystem ruled by checks and balances. In a balanced system, pathogenic organisms are kept in check. Upset that balance and the pathogenic organisms can take over and play a role in determining the composition and function of this system. This relationship is exemplified between the Lactobacillus bacterial species and Candida albicans. Lactobacillus strains are known to inhibit candida through their overwhelming numbers and their production of acids, peroxidases, and hypothiocyanate. Taking antibiotics destroys the balance in this ecosystem allowing for pathogenic organisms like fungal Candida albicans to take root and grow unchecked. Once candida begins to increase in numbers, it plays a regulatory role and shapes the composition of the intestinal flora by increasing certain bacterial species, such as Enterrococcus strains, and inhibiting others, such as Lactobacillus species.



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    “In spite of companies marketing their probiotic formulas and fermented foods to the contrary, probiotics have not been found to be a successful way to treat systemic fungal infections. Once candida has established a strong fungal presence, probiotics alone are of little use. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison, Wisconsin, found no clear benefit in treating candida with probiotics alone. The overgrowth of the Enterrococcal strains can be another factor that prevents the re-establishment of pre-antibiotic flora.”

    In our home, we have been taking probiotics in both food/suppliments for years.

    I wouldnt have COS if probiotics were as aggressive as often touted.

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